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Bridgly lets you move into your new home right away and sell your current one at your own pace


Bridgly can help you as a...


Make an offer on a home, move-in and make it yours in as little as 2 weeks. No waiting months for your mortgage approval, risking losing your dream home, or struggling to find an available Realtor-recommended handyman to paint the walls or mount your TV.


Avoid the stress of living in your old home while it’s on the market or living in a home undergoing work. No leaving your home several times a day for showings or constantly cleaning your home to showing condition. No scheduling conflicts or strangers in your bedroom.


Offer the seller a no financing-contingency, all-cash offer that will save you 2-5% on average. Easily secure your new home with a fast offer delivered from your phone. Showings available on-demand anytime for potential buyers, making sure you never miss that opportunity with the right buyer, ensuring you receive top dollar for your old house!


Secure your dream home when it's on the market, giving the seller a guaranteed offer. Make it yours on-demand, with ease, and a moving schedule at your convenience. All while saving you money and time!

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